Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Shoes

We took our rest day yesterday and bought new running shoes. We went to Philadelphia Runner and were helped by a nice guy named Joe. He was very knowledgeable and fitted us based on our foot types and walking gait. As usual I was the difficult one to fit.

We ran today and made some decent progress. We haven't yet reached the 3/4 mile mark but we are closing in on it. Today was harder for Suzy than me which is different than the last couple of runs. The good news is she didn't have that snapping in the back of her knee. The bad news is I got some blisters from my news shoes. I am going to try taping my feet to mitigate this but if it doesn't work I may have to return these shoes. This is too bad as they are really comfortable except for the rubbing at the heels.

I have high hopes we will reach the 3/4 mark tomorrow without walking...

27 Days to the 5K

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Aches and pains

Well we managed to increase our distance by 20 yards or so yesterday. I also realized that the course we are running uphill if only slightly. There really is no avoiding it around here.

The pain today is all inclusive. I ache all over, Suzy doesn't have it quite as bad and I'd be lying if I said there wasn't any resentment. We had discussed going shoe shopping today. I am not sure if we will though. Today is a rest day.
28 Days to the 5K
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Friday, May 28, 2010


Tired in and of itself is not a bad thing. I should be tired if I am putting in the required effort.

There was no way I was getting out of bed this morning. The body was quite happy to be unconcious and completely ignored my pleas to awaken. It was like having weights attached not only to me physically but to my mind which kept wanting to be pulled down into that well of deep sleep.

The good news is soreness is minimal for both of us which(hopefully) means that our level of effort is right. Suzy complained of a little snapping in her tendon behind her knee. That worries me.

I confess that I am looking forward to todays run with both dread and excitement. This morning I was sure there was no way I could make that 35MPH sign that marks where we stopped yesterday. I dread the possibility of failure but am excited by the chance at a small victory.

You need the small victories to keep going.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

1/2 a mile

Suzy after day one of running for mileage. We got 1/2 mile before we walked. Not a bad start at all. Tomorrow we strive to beat it.

30 days to the 5K
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The begining.

It was Suzy's idea to run. First a 5K and eventually the Marathon. I am starting this blog to document the progress we make. This may indeed be the only entry but I hope not.

First of all we are signed up for the 5K. It is on Jun 26th in Wilmington.

We have done two days of training so far. It was 9 minutes of walking to a minute of jogging for one hour each day on Monday and Tuesday. So in essence we haven't built a base at all but we did get off the couch. Well to be fair I got off the couch, Suzy has been exercising some. We are both sore but that is to be expected, nothing feels like trouble yet.

Today we will begin building a base. I have laid out a mile out and back route, so we'll be doing a total of two miles. The goal today is a slow jog without walking just as far as we can to set a benchmark. After our first walk break we'll run/walk as best we can to finish the distance, my guess is it will be mostly walking.

30 Days to the 5K