Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back at it.

We stepped back and did 2 mile at 4-2 intervals. To be honest it wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. I have a lot of soreness including my ankle. But we are back at it. That is a good thing indeed.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So it has been quite a while since I updated this. This is largely due to an epic failure at the last 5K. I sprained my ankle. Then I tried to go back after a week and ended up throwing up due to heat exhaustion.

Suzy however has continued to progress. I confess I am frustrated that 1. I am not able to keep up with her anymore and 2. I am feeling guilty because I am holding her back. She has also wanted me to update this blog for awhile. But for all of the above reasons I have neglected it.

However she is not to be denied. Sometimes my wife is a force of nature. This past weekend she took Hal Higdon's 8K schedule, adapted it to our needs and posted it on the door. Most importantly, she decided we are starting from the beginning of it. Which is what I really needed but what too ashamed to ask for. Good for you Suzy.

Last night we began it again with a 30 min walk. It wasn't as pleasant as it might have been as sometimes we bring along outside stresses to the workout. But the weather was awesome and most importantly she got me out there again when my motivation was flagging. I hope I am not holding her back too much but I am lucky to have such a great partner.

Tonight we run 2 miles. Back in the saddle...
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Couple of 2.5 milers

We got up early Saturday morning and ran 2 ½ miles at a 5/2 ratio. It was difficult but we managed to finish it in just over 31 minutes. I calculated it out and that puts out pace for the run portion at 11:06/m, the same as the last 5K. The good news is we ran a lot more and walked a lot less so things are looking up for the next one. Monday’s run was less encouraging same distance, same ratio but about two minutes slower. It was a lot hotter though which almost certainly accounts for the difference. I was fighting nausea from the halfway point.

Tonight, we have a 35 minute walk scheduled and tomorrow our last set of 5/2s but it is only a 2 miler so maybe we can push a little harder.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Signed up again

Oop s we did it again. That’s right we signed up for another one. Our next 5K is Saturday, July 10th. It is kind of soon after the last one but we are most treating them as training runs trying to increase our interval and distance. Next Saturday is a scheduled 3 mile run so why not get a T-Shirt as well?

We did our last 4/2 last night. The plan was to only go 2 miles. I am a little achy today from it but I have to say we did it with style. We finished it in 25:10.
Today is a total off day, nothing scheduled. Tomorrow is just a 30 minute walk. Saturday begins 5/2 intervals.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Goals

Well, we upped the interval to 4/2 last night. Heat index was set at about the 9th level of Hell and the humidity was so high it would have been easier to breathe if I had gills. That being said somehow I managed to complete 6 sets. Suzy was talkative all the way through.

We have decided to do another 5K in about two weeks and a 5 miler about 5 weeks after that. The 5 mile training plan calls for a 3 mi run on that Saturday which is why we decided to do the 5K.

Tonight calls for a 30 minute walk. Very nice… I need it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

5K and Done

74 Degrees and Sunshine – which felt pretty darn hot to me. Despite Suzy having a serious case of prerace nerves we managed to get to the starting line. Our plan was to run 3/2s all the way through. We did really well and hit the one mile mark at about 12 and a half minutes. We slowed a bit for the remainder of the race but not much. Most of the slowdown was when we came upon what we thought was the water stop and found after we had wasted about a minute that it was the start of another 5K. After getting back on course we found the actual water stop and took and extra 12 seconds walking there to get down some water.

After 8 repeats the finish line was in sight and we ran in. We finished 163rd and 164th with a time of 40:43.3 and 40:43.8. Suzy actually finished a half second faster than I did. We crossed the finished side by side so either her chip foot was out in front and mine wasn’t or she crossed the start a half second after I did. Probably a little bit of both as our gun time was .2 seconds apart. Our per mile pace was 13:08.

Robert met his goal of breaking 30 minutes finishing 93rd overall with a time of 29:11.7. Once Suzy and I dragged ourselves in we all went back out on the course to get Barbara, she finished at 55:35.3.

So after that I finally got my beer. It tasted great. Now we just have to decide what’s next!!

There is another in two weeks and another a month after that. We'll talk and decide if we want to run one or both.

I think we'll try 4/2s today for the training run.


On the course
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