Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Couple of 2.5 milers

We got up early Saturday morning and ran 2 ½ miles at a 5/2 ratio. It was difficult but we managed to finish it in just over 31 minutes. I calculated it out and that puts out pace for the run portion at 11:06/m, the same as the last 5K. The good news is we ran a lot more and walked a lot less so things are looking up for the next one. Monday’s run was less encouraging same distance, same ratio but about two minutes slower. It was a lot hotter though which almost certainly accounts for the difference. I was fighting nausea from the halfway point.

Tonight, we have a 35 minute walk scheduled and tomorrow our last set of 5/2s but it is only a 2 miler so maybe we can push a little harder.

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