Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So it has been quite a while since I updated this. This is largely due to an epic failure at the last 5K. I sprained my ankle. Then I tried to go back after a week and ended up throwing up due to heat exhaustion.

Suzy however has continued to progress. I confess I am frustrated that 1. I am not able to keep up with her anymore and 2. I am feeling guilty because I am holding her back. She has also wanted me to update this blog for awhile. But for all of the above reasons I have neglected it.

However she is not to be denied. Sometimes my wife is a force of nature. This past weekend she took Hal Higdon's 8K schedule, adapted it to our needs and posted it on the door. Most importantly, she decided we are starting from the beginning of it. Which is what I really needed but what too ashamed to ask for. Good for you Suzy.

Last night we began it again with a 30 min walk. It wasn't as pleasant as it might have been as sometimes we bring along outside stresses to the workout. But the weather was awesome and most importantly she got me out there again when my motivation was flagging. I hope I am not holding her back too much but I am lucky to have such a great partner.

Tonight we run 2 miles. Back in the saddle...
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  1. I was really worried that it was over after the ankle sprain. Nevertheless, my resilient husband came back! Thanks goodness for RICE!

    As for holding me back, you readers need to know that isn't the case. Bill is the strength behind me. Having him by my side is what keeps me going.

    This is about more than just "running a marathon" now. It's about my family, being healthy, and the great outdoors. Nothing made me happier than my sons and daughter being there with me at both 5Ks. Shedding a few pounds is good for the motivation as well. And the peace that you feel when your feet hit the pavement. I've felt it a couple times and I think I like it!

    So - we're on to the 8K! Mid-September or bust!