Thursday, July 1, 2010

Signed up again

Oop s we did it again. That’s right we signed up for another one. Our next 5K is Saturday, July 10th. It is kind of soon after the last one but we are most treating them as training runs trying to increase our interval and distance. Next Saturday is a scheduled 3 mile run so why not get a T-Shirt as well?

We did our last 4/2 last night. The plan was to only go 2 miles. I am a little achy today from it but I have to say we did it with style. We finished it in 25:10.
Today is a total off day, nothing scheduled. Tomorrow is just a 30 minute walk. Saturday begins 5/2 intervals.


  1. So our next 5K is Saturday. I'm thouroughly excited. We've been working really hard but the heat is a killer!

    Our 5/2 on Saturday almost killed me, but yesterday we got out there and did it again. It was easier for me, but I think it may have been worse for Bill. The heat was unbearable.

    I'm hoping to see Bill update the blog soon, that way I can avoid commenting on new things that haven't been posted yet!

    4 days 'til race day!

  2. I've come a long way since my last comment here. I made it to 6/2s and was breezing through them. Since round 2 starts today we'll see how it feels.