Monday, June 28, 2010

5K and Done

74 Degrees and Sunshine – which felt pretty darn hot to me. Despite Suzy having a serious case of prerace nerves we managed to get to the starting line. Our plan was to run 3/2s all the way through. We did really well and hit the one mile mark at about 12 and a half minutes. We slowed a bit for the remainder of the race but not much. Most of the slowdown was when we came upon what we thought was the water stop and found after we had wasted about a minute that it was the start of another 5K. After getting back on course we found the actual water stop and took and extra 12 seconds walking there to get down some water.

After 8 repeats the finish line was in sight and we ran in. We finished 163rd and 164th with a time of 40:43.3 and 40:43.8. Suzy actually finished a half second faster than I did. We crossed the finished side by side so either her chip foot was out in front and mine wasn’t or she crossed the start a half second after I did. Probably a little bit of both as our gun time was .2 seconds apart. Our per mile pace was 13:08.

Robert met his goal of breaking 30 minutes finishing 93rd overall with a time of 29:11.7. Once Suzy and I dragged ourselves in we all went back out on the course to get Barbara, she finished at 55:35.3.

So after that I finally got my beer. It tasted great. Now we just have to decide what’s next!!

There is another in two weeks and another a month after that. We'll talk and decide if we want to run one or both.

I think we'll try 4/2s today for the training run.

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  1. Congratulations to all of you on your accomplishment! Shirley