Friday, June 4, 2010

Rest Day

Well I noticed that my wife has been commenting on my blog as me. So for reference the comments are hers not mine.

The knees are ouched there is no point in denying it anymore. They were really bad last night; I had intolerable weights on my legs (aka bedsheets). To be completely honest while I was up at 3 AM with the pain I had some doubts. I keep yelling at myself (mentally), “Are you (insert expletive) crazy? “; “You are (expletive again) 40 years old!!”

They are a little better this morning with some motrin and my self talk is a little better. But you know you have a problem when driving hurts. I am going to have to ice them tonight and probably work some quad exercises into my routine. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on but I kind of know what is wrong. This isn’t my first rodeo.

Last time this happened and I went to physical therapy for it they had me strengthen the quads. Apparently the quads are vital to running but not strengthened by it. Well not enough anyway. Who designed this contraption? Stairs the absolute bane of my existence might become my salvation.

Anyway I could talk about my legs all day but I wanted to further bask in yesterday’s victory. A mile is no small thing really. After all it is now a matter of how many miles we can do as opposed to the ability to do one. We can. We did.

The future looks good. The spot where we stopped yesterday, this is slightly back toward home from the intersection of W. Duttons Mill and 452 for those following the map, starts a long down slope. If we can just approach that as a recovery I think we can go quite as ways toward home. Tomorrow will tell.

22 days to the 5K

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