Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3/4 Mile and the HEAT

The Memorial Day workout was certainly a memorable one. It was my day to have problems. Although I wasn’t running a watch on us; we definitely ran faster which for us is to say we went from snail 1.0 to snail 1.5.

We waited until 7 but it was still HOT. So I was still contenting with blister problems and I didn’t do well in the heat. Despite these obstacles we passed our goal point and finished up around the ¾ mile mark. We weren’t able to run anymore after that as my head was pounding and I felt sick. So we walked the rest of it out.

We can now see the turnaround point from where we are finishing, that’s the good news. The bad news is it is ¼ mile of uphill running to get there.
As to me, I think I had a mild case of heat exhaustion, definitely not a good thing. Will try to hydrate better and prevent future occurrences. I am certainly paying the price today. I am sluggish and every part of me is aching.

Suzy reports she is fine and dandy, I’m jealous. Today is a rest day and I need it.

25 Days to the 5K

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