Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rest and reevaluation

Today is Suzy’s scheduled rest day. I, as you know, am way off schedule. Suzy has Physical Therapy tonight and is going to ask about some stretches to prevent reinjures. I am toying with the idea of walking tonight. I keep repeating the following to myself…

1. No Running, don’t even wear the running shoes wear walking shoes.
2. Walk means walk.
3. Slow and easy. Might take the dog.
4. Contrary to the popular axiom - No Pain = Gain; Pain = No Gain

I need to set these rules for myself. Sometimes I have the impression that through willpower alone I can push my body well past its mere mortal couch potato limits. I am of course correct in that assumption and therein lies one of my problems. I can push that hard through the force of my will alone. But I see where that gets me.

Next problem, I think we have really been cheating on the warm-up. Sure we walk to the end of the block but is that enough?

Stretching – yes we do stretch but we don’t have a stretching routine. Need to get one for after warm up and after run.

My wife, I think, is under the mistaken impression that I wish to work out without her. Nothing could be further from the truth. I want to do something so that I have the ability and the will to work out with her next time.

Goals. The original goal was to jog the entire 5K. I realize now that I may have to restructure that goal. My new goal is to jog as much as possible pain free and walk the rest.

I am also thinking of altering the training schedule (at least for me) to no more than 3 or 4 days a week, maybe I'll do some walking inbetween. Tendonitis is an over use injury. I would be stupid to think I haven’t been, well…overusing (my tendons that is, no AA or NA meetings for me). And the doc said two on, one off is a lot but he didn’t want to discourage me. He doesn’t, pain however I find that very discouraging.

16 Days to the 5K – Tendonitis be Damned

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