Monday, June 14, 2010

Suzy hits 2 Miles!

Suzy managed to run the whole two miles. I think she will do very well in the 5K. She is ready to slightly increase the distance of her workout. I on the other hand have been sidelined and should probably decrease my workout.

I still have some minimal pain but am determined to make a serious attempt today to get back today at least to doing something. I am going to walk/run the original two mile course just to see how it feels. I think I’ll cut back to three days a week until after the 5K. Perhaps with more warm-up, more stretching and more rest I can get back on track.

Suzy is going to extend her distance by a half a mile. If you look back at the map I posted she is going to go through the mile mark turn up 452 and turn around at Hall Dr. She will be able to set herself a new benchmark from there.

She wants to stay with me but I am not going to let her. She is doing well and I won’t let her use me to hold her back. Besides I’ll catch up before she knows it. I progress well when healthy.

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