Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Attack The Hill

Got some good news. My brother Andrew will be in town for the 5K and wants to run it. This is turning into a real family affair! He did ask if I was planning on running any particular pace… Well… no not really… I think my goal at this point is to survive.

After last time’s heat I am really worried about today’s run. I talked it over with Suzy and we both feel like maybe we went too fast. We are going to concentrate on taking it slow but steady today. For my part my goal is to drink at least 4 liters of water today in preparation.

The thing is I always have these grandiose visions of what the next run will be like right up until it is actually time to do it. Sure we can finish the mile; I say that now sitting, well not comfortably but serenely if nothing else behind my computer keyboard. But tonight when I am gasping for breath just trying to survive to the spot we finished off on Monday; not so much. So I’ll make no predictions on when we will hit the mile mark.

Stairs have become the bane of my existence. My knees are really sore and although it only feels like soreness rather than injury, stairs are problems. Down is as bad as up so no real relief there.

Suzy may have pulled a muscle we’ll have to watch that. She also says she is experiencing some ankle pain. My own ankle (the one I had surgery on) has been aching too. All of this and we haven’t even gone a mile without walking.

I published the route in a previous post. For reference the 3.04 miles refers to out and back. The one mile mark is pretty close to the corner of 452 and w Duttons Mill. We have all most reached the Ice Works driveway without walking. Once we reach the 1 mile mark we turn back so when/if we can reach that mark and back home we’ll start moving farther along the course. I’m not holding my breath but we’ll get there eventually.

It is all uphill to the 1 mile mark…Today’s goal… Attack the hill!!!

24 days to the 5K

15 training runs left…

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