Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Plenty to catch up on, I’ve been a little distracted.

Saturday - Excellent day! We struggled a bit to reach our mile mark but turned about with grim purpose. Just a bit farther than yesterday, and a bit farther, and farther on we went. In the end, we extended our distance from a mile to a mile and a half. A huge victory; we are halfway to our 5K goal. We were feeling so good we were able to go out that evening. I did feel a funny feeling in my knee. I really should have listened to my body then. But I didn’t.

Sunday – Suzy did well. We had agreed to do just a mile and a half on the track she did just fine. I on the other hand met disaster. Pain flared in both knees and I couldn’t complete even a quarter mile. I walked it out trying to run now and then but it was no go.

Monday – Sunday night thru Monday was a study in pain for me. The knees got MUCH worse. In fact walking became a greater challenge than that first mile did. I mean walking around the house. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t discouraging for me. I really was convinced I was done. Made a Doctor appt. for Wednesday.

Tuesday – Pain is MUCH less. Is this good news or not? I am unsure as to the underlying cause. Could it be the new shoes? The guy at the store said I was tough to fit as far as shoe type goes. Did it perhaps get the wrong kind? Is it caused by when I try to pick up speed? I am guilty of that when a stopping point is sight and at the track I tried to sprint the straight-aways, assuredly a bad idea but I was mad. So tomorrow I am going to check with the doctor and I am going to go by the running store and see if they think it might be shoe related. I was and am discouraged but I am not ready to quit just yet. The most pressing question I face is what to do about tonight. Suzy will certainly run but will I be joining her? I’d certainly rather tell the doctor what IS wrong rather than what WAS wrong. Same goes for the shoe guys and I do feel better today. I guess I will wait until tonight and see how I feel.

19 Days to the 5K – Future Uncertain

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  1. Hope your knee feels better. Gotta take baby steps and you're doing just fine. Shoes are very important for a runner, they are your secret weapon. It could mean victory or defeat to your body, mind and soul. Once you cross that finish line, it don't matter if you guys finish first, fourth or last you will feel a great sense of accomplishment. Good luck and Godspeed.