Thursday, May 27, 2010

The begining.

It was Suzy's idea to run. First a 5K and eventually the Marathon. I am starting this blog to document the progress we make. This may indeed be the only entry but I hope not.

First of all we are signed up for the 5K. It is on Jun 26th in Wilmington.

We have done two days of training so far. It was 9 minutes of walking to a minute of jogging for one hour each day on Monday and Tuesday. So in essence we haven't built a base at all but we did get off the couch. Well to be fair I got off the couch, Suzy has been exercising some. We are both sore but that is to be expected, nothing feels like trouble yet.

Today we will begin building a base. I have laid out a mile out and back route, so we'll be doing a total of two miles. The goal today is a slow jog without walking just as far as we can to set a benchmark. After our first walk break we'll run/walk as best we can to finish the distance, my guess is it will be mostly walking.

30 Days to the 5K

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